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4 Creative Ways You Can Record Your Video Podcast

A video podcast is one of the latest trends on video streaming platforms right now. It is an innovative take on your typical podcast, which has previously resembled radio shows. Today, as the YouTube community is growing bigger and bigger by the second, brands are taking this opportunity to expand their online presence through the platform.

One such way to do so is through a video podcast. There are many ways you can film a video podcast, and being creative as you record will make audiences want to come back for more. Here are some that you can try to see whether it fits your corporate voice.

1. Remote Interview Recording

In certain cases, you won’t always get to meet your guests (or even your cohost) face to face. It may be that they live in an entirely different country, or you are just not able to meet due to travel restrictions. An easy solution is to incorporate remote interview recording using a third-party app.

There are many communication apps like Zoom, Discord and more that let you film multiple webcams at the same time. The only drawback would be that you won’t have full control of the video or sound quality of your guests because they will set it up on their own.

Nevertheless, it is a great way to collect footage without having to physically coordinate with your peers.

2. In-Studio Recording

If you want a bit more control with your recording environment and conditions (e.g. video quality, sound quality, lighting), then an in-studio recording is your best bet. For this, you will have to set up video equipment into a dedicated recording studio, where you, your cohost and your guests all confer.

However, you will need some cameras and other equipment to best capture the recordings. For studio recordings, some podcasters even use boom microphones for the best sound quality. 

3. Static Image Recording

If you want a simple yet effective way to release your video podcast on YouTube’s platform, you can just upload a static image recording. Through this method, you will simply add the audio file of your recorded podcast and stitch it together with a static image. 

This image can be the logo of your company, or if you have the resources to invest in a graphic design team, a specially decorated cover for your podcast.

While it is easy and will give you all the benefits of posting to YouTube without shelling out too much money, it is not as engaging as other methods. For most of the internet population, visual cues are just something that makes an image feel more alive.

4. Interview with B-Roll Recording

If you want to mix the best of both worlds, you can conduct an interview recording with B-roll playing from time to time. This will give your audience a visual break from simply looking at the hosts and the guests. 

It is also a great way to incorporate interactive elements into the podcast. For instance, your guest references a video that has gone viral or a news report about a pressing issue. Through your b-roll clips, you can provide visual symbolism of what they are talking about.


YouTube is and has always been a widely used platform to find videos on just about anything. An average of 2 billion people all use YouTube, which makes it the perfect place to help you build your online persona.

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