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6 Video Marketing Opportunities For Your Content Strategy

When it comes to devising content marketing strategies, many business owners tend to forget the power of videos. A filmed message that can appeal to both a person’s sense of sight and hearing is often underrated in content strategies.

Results are evident, though, when using video marketing, especially when the production and editing are done very well. Often, the consumer base can still remember information from the video afterwards compared to when they’re reading text at the end of the day. It’s an attractive way to communicate with a brand. Here are some opportunities in your content strategy where video marketing will come in handy. 

Create An Introductory Video

There’s no better way to greet customers and introduce your brand than through a video. Share the story and history of your business by narrating it. Be sure to add clips of some of the work managers and employees.

A company video is so compelling because it can help consumers put a face and the voice to the people behind a business. This is often preferred by the current generation of consumers instead of the traditional corporate approach that shows a brand as a name and nothing more. 

Utilise Product Videos In Listings

Images can help a potential customer get a sense of what the product looks like, but a product video can help sway them to purchase the product. Showcase how the product is used and what results they can achieve by getting that product, enticing them to just add to the cart. 

If your company is service-based, videos can be utilised as well. You can show a timelapse of what services you can offer or a short recorded message that explains the process of the service you can provide your customer with. 

Incorporate Recordings In Emails

If your business has a monthly newsletter, switch things up by sending a video instead of the usual text that they might receive. It will help your email stand out from the rest of the emails they receive and open on that day. Keep it short and sweet, just so there isn’t any problem with the loading speed when they try and open your email. 

Highlight Video Testimonials

Customers trust the reviews of fellow clients so that they can set expectations of your brand’s product or service. Request past clients if they can share a few words about how satisfying their transaction was with you. A review in text can’t fully capture the positivity and emotion that they can show on camera. 

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and their analytics show proof that user engagement is high when it comes to videos. Take advantage of this by posting a short promotional video that people can watch. Not only do you get to put up free ads, but you can also connect to the network of a follower if they like or share the post.

Use Video For Your SEO 

The goal of content marketing is to increase your SEO ranking on Google. Using YouTube and posting a video can boost your business’s chances of getting a higher position in the search engine results. All you need is the recording and a metadata video description that can showcase your business’ content. 


Video marketing is versatile and effective in communicating your brand further, which helps your business. On top of that, customers can get the information they need without exerting the usual effort reading text needs. 

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