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Take Your Video Marketing to the Next Level, Use YouTube (Part 1)

YouTube is the “Google” search engine of video content. It’s the second-largest search engine today because it’s free, and it makes it easy to watch videos online. Every month, the platform receives over 2 billion users, while one billion hours are watched daily on mobile devices online. As for its reach, you bet it can tap into different types of audience all over the world. 

With all of that said, if you haven’t used YouTube for your brand as part of your marketing strategy, then you’re missing out—on a lot. This post is broken down into two parts, so watch out for the second part. For now, here’s the first part: 

Why Businesses Should Use YouTube

As mentioned, YouTube is the second-largest search engine today, and with billions of users active on the platform, it becomes a powerful marketing tool for businesses today. 

In today’s digital landscape, video content is becoming increasingly popular as it delivers content more effectively. Today, many brands are actually investing in video content; what they need to do now is to take it on YouTube and market from there. 

By using YouTube, you will be able to tap into a wider audience. Moreover, you can deliver more valuable and quality content to your target audience. With YouTube as part of your marketing strategy, you can spread more brand awareness, which will lead to more business opportunities. 

Let’s break down the reasons, shall we? 

  • Improve brand awareness: A growing number of online consumers discover brands on YouTube, and it’s shown that users are more likely to use the platform over other platforms to look for information about a brand, product or service. Therefore, getting your content on the platform will help a considerable amount of users to discover your brand and drive buying decisions. 
  • Improve organic reach: Since YouTube is its own search engine, users go to the site for research. Therefore, if your video content is well-optimised, you get higher chances to reach new audiences organically. Stick to a consistent posting schedule, have relevant keywords, and ensure your content is valuable. 
  • Have more marketing opportunities: Think you have exhausted all your marketing strategies, or you’re looking for something new and more viable? By marketing on YouTube, you’ll be presented with more marketing opportunities as there are a lot of ways to advertise on the platform. From display ads and bumper ads to sponsor cards and more, you really get to explore opportunities that will put your brand out there. 

The reasons listed above explain why YouTube should be a part of your marketing strategy. There are so many opportunities that await you on the platform you need to take advantage of. 


It’s normal for brands to be on the lookout for new marketing opportunities. When you add YouTube as part of your marketing arsenal, you will be given so much more marketing opportunities you can take advantage of that will bring you more success. Additionally, YouTube will help improve brand awareness and organic reach quickly.

As mentioned, there’s a second part to this post. Now, let’s move on to how brands are using YouTube as part of their marketing strategy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Work on video content and post it on YouTube. 

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