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Promotional Videos: 5 Factors That Make Them Succesful

In a world full of mixed media, videos are still the best option when you want to have a huge impact that people can talk about and remember. They’ve provided marketing teams and brand designers with a whole new way of promoting their business and have become the go-to option for wide-reaching marketing campaigns. 

But with that said, it only means that the audience will be a little desensitized to them, at least when it comes to run-off-the-mill promotional videos. For promotional videos to have an actual effect, you will need to consider a few things, including your target audience, the message you want to send, and the resources you have available. 

Let’s break things down and try to understand the different factors that make a successful promotional video: 

Be Concise

While it might be tempting to sneak in a few flowery words and sentences, your audience would appreciate it if you can hand them the important information right away. It’s similar to how you would treat a news article—important information first, supporting facts and the like follow after. 

This goes for long-form videos or shorts. The idea is that you want your audience to always be interested. Stretching a point too much will cause them to lose interest in the rest of your video. 

Make Use of Narratives

Everyone loves a story and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you let go of that opportunity. It might be challenging to think of a narrative for a promotional video, but that’s where your creativity comes in. It’s not about embellishing the facts; it’s about highlighting the positive traits of your product, service, or what have you. 

The idea here is to use the story to emphasize the benefits that the audience can get if they continue watching the video. The best part is that even people who had no prior interest in your promotional video might get reeled in if the story is good enough. 

Aesthetics and Charm Go A Long Way

It helps if you can make things likable for the audience. It helps with retention and adds a positive note whenever someone recalls your brand or promotional video. In its most basic form, making your promotional video likable entails having bright elements in it such as smiling faces, bright colors, or an upbeat song. 

It might not seem like much now but over time you will notice its effect on how people remember your video. As long as you do your job right, you should see people cheerfully recalling it long after its relevancy. 

Show Them What You Have To Offer

It helps if the audience has a clear idea of what you are offering them and how they stand to gain from it. You can go about this a few different ways, with some choosing to use humor to sell their idea. Others, meanwhile, might opt for a more serious tone if the situation calls for it. 

Always Include a CTA

Lastly, the CTA or the Call To Action. These are the ending statements that promotional videos end with and are meant to direct the audience towards more tangible actions. What you’re trying to answer here is, “what now?”. Most often you will see promotional videos that list hotlines or websites that interested parties should call or visit. Choose the right one for your needs and make sure that the message is clear at the end of the video. 


The point here is that creating an effective promotional video doesn’t have to be complicated. It might take some time and effort but it’s effort well worth it. What helps is having a clearly defined plan for your brand and knowing what your goals are. With all that, you’re sure to find the right direction for your business. 

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