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Producing Video Content: 3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

In the age of streaming, consumers are more receptive towards video content. This is why brands are shifting their attention toward video as a marketing medium. However, adopting a new advertising format doesn’t come without the risk of struggling past a learning curve. For this reason, you may end up harming your marketing strategy’s impact if you commit amateur mistakes.

Mastering the video content medium

Adding video production to diversify your marketing portfolio is an excellent way to grow your brand online. On the other hand, low-quality attempts at utilising video content can further damage your brand. This can be through poor editing, direction and other logistical choices that can rake up a huge production bill without generating a considerable ROI.

If you want to make compelling video content, here are three video production mistakes you should avoid:

1. Undermining the pre-production stage

Understandably, many first-timers want to get out of the conference room and head straight into shooting the video. However, like any project, it requires proper planning and preparation. Your video ad must capture your audience’s interest, follow a seamless script and account for your budget’s limitations.

A video shoot comes with numerous logistical needs, from reserving different locations to your video equipment. You may also need to hire several actors or brand ambassadors to portray characters based on your script.

Remember to include a call-to-action (CTA) by the end of your video to ensure that your viewers can engage with your content. You can use your CTA as a guide to form your script backwards so you won’t lose sight of your video ad’s goal.

2. Ending up with low-quality footage and audio

As an audio-visual format, it’s necessary to have quality equipment to record video and audio. Most first-timers commit the mistake of focusing on their visuals. This can work against them if their raw footage and recording are unsalvageable during post-production.

You can use a shotgun mic to enhance your video’s quality instead of relying on built-in mic functions. Another way to solve your audio issues is by renting a studio that will accommodate your audio recording sessions without going through edits through noise cancellation. Remember to use the method that works best for your video content’s purpose while being mindful of your budget.

3. Being stingy in the cutting room

It’s not uncommon for video shoots to go through an extensive post-production process. This is why cost-cutting is a necessary practice you should develop since you will inevitably cut a chunk of what you have. During the post-production period, some elements in the footage won’t work well in the final product. Because of this, you may need to cut here and there to make the ad more effective. Alternatively, you may need reshoots if what you have isn’t enough to satisfy your video ad’s new direction.

When you’re in the editing room, remember that you need to maintain your audience’s attention within 1-2 minutes. Although there are video ad formats that can go beyond this, you should keep your content small and compact. Don’t be reluctant to shave off minutes of footage for the sake of clarity. Instead of feeling bad about the lost expense in the shoot, take it as a lesson to fine-tune your scripts before shooting starts.


Besides the list of mistakes above, there’s also a whole world of industry techniques and formats you should consider when creating video content. It’s an entirely new form of content production that gives you a versatile approach to any marketing strategy. Although it may be overwhelming to face yourself, you can enlist the assistance of video production agencies to execute your creative vision.

Requesting help from professionals is the key to launching a successful video content marketing strategy. At Mighty Hero Video Agency, we provide innovative solutions to match your marketing campaign. If you need video production services in Manchester to diversify your content strategy, get in touch with us today!

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