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How to Produce Engaging Video Content for Social Media—Part 1

Nowadays, if you’re considering building an online presence for your brand, you may want to start with social media. There are plenty of platforms you can depend on to help you reach the right audience that will show their interest in your product or services.

If you wish to enhance your marketing strategy, you could turn to video production to promote your business because video is one of the best ways to capture people’s interests. Since everyone’s attention span is getting shorter after having information readily available within our fingertips, it’s up to you how you can advertise your offers as effectively as possible.

There are various video content solutions you can think of doing, and it will all depend on what will work effectively for your company. Keep reading below to find out the basics of video production, including the social media channels to help promote your campaigns. 

Ways to Tackle Video Production for Social Media Marketing

Plan Your Video Campaign Well

Once you’re set on releasing a video campaign, the first thing you need to do is come up with a fool-proof plan involving pre-production, production, and post-production. Without a guide, you will have a difficult time understanding the objective of your video marketing campaign.

You will need to spend time brainstorming with your organisation, tossing around concepts to turn into a video, creating a script, developing a budget, and knowing other required information. Making video content takes hard work to accomplish, and since it involves a significant deal of money, forming a plan is integral to its success.

Use the Right Video Equipment

The video equipment you will use to create your video marketing campaign is fundamental, and it’s best if you have the proper camera, lighting, and audio equipment. If you’re unfamiliar with the technicalities and you wish to watch on the sidelines, you can hire a video production company to take over the project to ensure you acquire the results you want.

Lighting is important because, without proper lighting, your video campaign could look poorly done, and the shots will contain too many shadows that will be harder to edit. Meanwhile, camera equipment is expensive, and if you won’t be using the cameras regularly, it’s better to rent them and seek advice from professionals. Audio is also essential because it will convince users and bring out their emotions while watching your commercial.

Common Social Media Platforms to Use for Video Marketing


Snapchat is a social media platform that highlights videos and targets a younger generation. You don’t always require high-quality video campaigns and can simply use your phone to film, produce content, and promote your brand.

There are filters you can use to make your marketing fun and exciting. However, compared to other platforms, Snapchat doesn’t gain too much user engagement because it may be falling behind in recent times. But if you wish to pursue the platform according to your target audience, you can look forward to its long-form ad features.


Facebook is the platform where you can expect to find most of your target audience and promote your campaigns online. It holds plenty of videos and other forms of media that people consume daily. Depending on what you think will work for your brand, you could opt for live streams, Facebook stories, and on-demand videos.

Other ways to promote your marketing campaign on Facebook are newsfeed videos, carousel posts, and 360-degree videos. If you aren’t familiar with doing those more complicated video content, it’s best to leave it to a video production agency to produce excellent outcomes.


Video production for your business requires commitment and hard work to ensure you can bring your campaigns to life and allow them to work the way you envision them to be. Part of having successful video content is planning everything and using the right video equipment. If you wish to attract a younger generation, Snapchat could be the right platform for you. Meanwhile, if you want a bigger reach, promoting your video campaigns on Facebook may be more effective. 

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