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How to Produce Engaging Video Content for Social Media—Part 2

If you’ve read the first part of this article, you know that promoting your brand on social media platforms is the key to acquiring a stable online presence that can bring in results. It all comes down to knowing who your target audience is, what they want, and what kind of video content can entice them to give your products or services and your business a chance.

Since video production continues to be one of the most effective solutions to gaining new customers, now more than ever, it’s necessary to turn to innovative ways to leave a mark online. Based on the previous article, after knowing the basics of video production, which includes developing a plan and using the right video equipment, you can move on to picking a social media platform to advertise your video marketing campaigns best.

Besides Snapchat and Facebook, there are other notable social media channels to promote your brand and reach the right consumers. Keep reading below to find out what they are to give you a better idea of what you think your business should choose.

Common Social Media Platforms to Use for Video Marketing


LinkedIn is dedicated to working professionals, employers, job seekers, and entrepreneurs. It serves as an online community where like-minded people can connect and share ideas in hopes of one day working or collaborating.

The social media platform is still relatively new to showcasing video content, but that doesn’t mean that business owners don’t consume videos regularly. Since LinkedIn is also known globally, it will be best to stick to corporate video production when advertising on the website. Keeping everything professional down to a tee is integral to a successful video campaign.


Twitter is a kind of social media platform that works quite fast, so expect the content you produce to be consumed by users online in a matter of seconds. The videos you can publish can last up to 140 seconds, which is already more than enough in the online world to grab people’s attention.

Make sure that if you choose Twitter as your social media channel, you must focus on producing entertaining and straightforward video campaigns to remain relevant and exciting. While many people use the platform mainly to stay updated on the news, sports, and latest gossip, you could still depend on the channel to promote your brand accordingly.


Instagram is a widely recognised social media platform that all generations are accustomed to using. However, the younger generation is more inclined to frequenting the channel than the rest. For best results, you should record your video marketing campaigns vertically to meet users’ needs regarding your posts, Stories, Highlights, and Instagram TV.

IGTV, more specifically, can hold videos up to ten minutes long. If you wish to hire a video production company to help you develop a longer campaign, they will guarantee to format your video according to YouTube standards for best results.  


The most popular social media platform for displaying video content, YouTube is the right place where you won’t get disappointed for publishing your marketing campaigns. You have plenty of opportunities that lay ahead of you on YouTube, including uploading video content and initiating live streams.

You can also engage with your community and post Stories to boost brand awareness. However, if you wish to make the most out of YouTube, you must seek video production services to help you release high-quality videos that produce your desired outcomes.


There are plenty of social media platforms to utilise to help promote your brand online, and LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the best places to consider. No matter what channel you decide to promote your campaigns on, in the end, what matters is knowing what will work for business, and you can rely on a professional company to help you. Picking the most suitable social media platform is one thing, but ensuring the video content you publish will work effectively is another.

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