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Grow Your Brand With These 5 Video Marketing Secrets

Video content has a huge influence on users today. That makes it a must for every digital marketing strategy because videos can help you produce traffic and conversion. Video content has been proven to help establish and build brand awareness and generate traffic from video sites, social media, and search engines. If you haven’t tried using videos for your business, it’s about time that you consider this tool.

To make the right video content, here are some of the secrets to know: 

Focus on the Story

There are lots of video sales-y content on the internet today, and they are annoying. Sales-y video content is one of the biggest customer repellents today, so before you get too promotional in your video, think again. 

Instead, focus on the story that will bring value to your customers. Create a video that will appeal to the needs of your consumers. After all, you can always put a strategic and relevant CTA with a tracked URL at the end of the video—just make sure it fits the story. 

Make the First Ten Seconds Count

A huge number of people online will close a video within ten seconds. That’s why the first ten seconds of your video is crucial. Make it count by getting straight to the point. You can try asking a question that will spark the curiosity of your viewers and use teasers to capture their attention right away.

Inject Humour

In the corporate world, it’s common to think that you shouldn’t inject humour in campaigns. However, if it will help get your point across better, why not? Moreover, adding a touch of humour in your video will make your users feel enlightened, and you reduce the chances of them being bored. Get into that open mode because this will also help you come up with fresh ideas. Don’t feel constrained by the previous works but stand out by being funny. After all, everyone needs a good laugh. 

Keep It Short

Nobody wants a brand video that is over five minutes long. If you’re making it that long, you’re better off creating a video. The trick for successful video marketing is to keep it short. Attention spans are getting shorter, so make the best of what you get. Keep it short and sweet. 

Embed It in Blog Posts

Embedding your videos in your blog posts can help you get more mileage. Start by creating videos based on your blog content. Doing so will also help increase the average time spent on your website, which can help improve your site rankings. You may also repurpose some of your blog posts or articles as videos and share them on video search engines, such as YouTube. 


Creating video content for marketing your brand will let you build brand awareness and generate traffic not only from search engines but also on video and social media sites. These video marketing secrets will allow you to create valuable content that will appeal to your target audience. 

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