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The Elements That Clients Can Expect In a Corporate Video

Every company will eventually need to create corporate videos. If your company has not yet, you should start. Fortunately, this article would tell you about the things you need to know about producing a compelling corporate video. That being said, it is important to understand the elements behind a great corporate video. 

Defining Corporate Videos

When people hear about corporate videos, they imagine footage of meeting rooms, presentations, and other business elements that make it appear “too corporate.” While you may still show some of these elements in actual corporate videos, it should not be limited to corporate spaces. 

Corporate videos are like professional trailers for a business. It highlights a specific message, product, or service directed towards a particular audience. That audience is usually a potential customer or business partner.

Its approach may change depending on the type of viewer, but ideally, it should be refreshing—neither boring nor serious. It could also come in different forms—an explainer video or a fully animated informational video. The final style depends on the overall purpose and the audience.

Guidelines for Making a Corporate Video

If you plan on creating a corporate video and it is your first time to do so, here are the things that you should expect to find in it:

A Video Length under Three Minutes

A corporate video should not be too short and not too long. The ideal length is within three minutes. Anything too short might not make that big of an impact, and video that is too long may be dragging, especially now that people have a shorter attention span. Your video should be compact, concise, and compelling. 

A Showcase of Your Company’s Professionalism

Even if you choose a fun approach for your video, you still need to showcase your professional side. It does not mean the people appearing in the video should be formal and serious at all times. It just means that you should avoid using offensive language and showcasing laziness, especially when your audience is potential clients and customers. 

A Call to Action That Encourages Them to Make a Move

Always end your video with a call to action—any action relevant to your aims. Some examples include encouraging them to visit your website and following your social pages. Make sure to choose something impactful and easy to remember. 

A Little Business Push

A corporate video is still a business video, so you might want to subtly sell yourself or your offerings. The approach should not be discreet if your main objective is to encourage people to buy, but if not, do it subtly. When people recognise that the video is too pushy, they might feel turned off and choose not to finish the video. 

A Clear and Strong Message

Make the most of their time by leaving them strong messages. It does not have to be grand, but it should be clear and essential. Having a clear theme or goal from the start will help you get your message across. 

A Bit of Emotional Appeal

Consider appealing to your audience’s emotions. If not, they might not find your video relatable. You do not have to make them cry. Simply making them feel things is good enough. Do you want them to feel happy, inspired, hopeful, angry, or sad? Be clear with your intentions and show them that through your video. 


A corporate video is an opportunity to showcase what your business can do in a fun, visually appealing, and entertaining way. A company can use such videos on different platforms for various purposes, so it is an excellent investment. It can serve as training material for new employees or a sales video to help salespeople get more business. Whatever the purpose is, make sure it is professionally made with powerful combinations of superb audio and visuals. 

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