Are You Looking For a Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester?

Every business owner wants a digital marketing service that will get them results.

The problem is, there are many differing forms of digital marketing agency models with many different services on offer. This makes it hard for business owners to choose what will work for them.

Most businesses choose social media to spice up their marketing as that is where all the activity is, but social media marketing can be costly if not done right. Especially when you have to spread the cost of your digital marketing agency fees across so many services and you’re uncertain of getting a result.

That’s why at Mighty Hero Video Agency in Manchester – we specialise solely in social media video marketing because it’s the most engaging, high converting and cost effective form of marketing content you can use today to grow your business.

Our clients have revolutionised their social media video marketing with strategic brand video campaigns that work. We’re actually that proud to say this makes us the most results-driven digital marketing agency Manchester has to offer in the video production sector.

This is done by a combination of digital marketing strategy, branded video production and social media advertising, that attracts cold audiences towards your business, engages them with video content and drives results with paid ads.


A video focused digital marketing agency in Manchester.

We help businesses grow their online sales with strategic video campaigns. In Manchester, our social media marketing team consists of video strategists, social media and video production specialists, working in harmony to create mighty videos that get heroic results. 

Strategic Planning

We use data and analytics to inspire our creative decisions, so your audience is more likely to resonate and react with your content. 

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Video Production

We create a whole family of visually appealing and captivating videos that give your customer every bit of assurance they need to buy. 

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We don’t waste your video investment and create, measure, track, optimise and scale your growth using paid social media video ads.

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Want to discover how video marketing can help you grow your business?