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Boosting Engagement Through Video Content on Instagram—A Guide

Millions of people every day roam the social media streets—and they are all there for various reasons, be it for leisure, boredom, or work. Regardless of why they’re there, it is that density of viewers that makes such platforms the best places to take your marketing efforts into—and, more importantly, engage with the audience. 

That said, one of the most engaging and attractive contents you can ever put out on the internet is video content. Motion steals the eyes’ attention, and with the versatility of videos, amazing content can be produced that educates viewers while keeping things interesting. Because of this, if you are a business looking to boost your presence and smash your goals online, video content on social media platforms can help you succeed!

Do you not know how to maximise your social media engagement with videos? Do not worry—we have some tips right here to help you succeed in your social media efforts, particularly those done on the popular social media platform Instagram.


While Instagram is well known for its short videos in its ‘stories’ function, the platform has had IGTV for quite a while. It is a space where people can share longer videos on the platform, in a section where viewers are actually looking for longer videos to watch. This means that if you are the type to produce long-form videos for your followers, then IGTV is extremely helpful!

To maximise your use of this Instagram function, you can create content such as explainer videos, interviews, Q&As, and such. You can also save long live streams done on Instagram Live to IGTV, where people can access it later to watch it and stay updated on your business venture.

2. Reels

By now, you must be well aware of the platform TikTok and how it has taken the world—especially the business world—by storm. Instagram’s answer to TikTok is Reels, allowing users to piece content and put a soundtrack on top of it. While this might seem a little redundant in some people’s eyes, many who swear by Instagram are loving this new feature!

How do you use Reels to boost engagement with your audience? Just be creative! It can be anything from stitching video content about a specific product and putting some music for it. You can go a more comedic route and just make funny videos that somehow incorporate your product or service into it.

Regardless, both are effective at engaging your audience.

3. Stories

Stories is simply the most popular feature that Instagram has to offer. Released back in 2016 to compete with Snapchat, Instagram Stories have become extremely popular in today’s social media market. It allowed people to post pictures and videos in a sort of story that happens throughout the day, available only for 24 hours. 

There are just so many things you can do with Stories. You can create quizzes, polls, showcases, and such that are extremely engaging. Of course, using things like polls will also benefit you with more data about your audience. 

If you want to make your Stories permanent, you can always move them to Story Highlights. Part of the Story feature is Instagram Live, allowing for real-time engagement! Simply put, you can run live activities like a Q&A to engage with your audience further.


Instagram provides plenty of different venues at which you can run video content to engage with the audience. This makes Instagram simply one of the best social media platforms that you can use to get closer to your consumers, sharing engaging content on it to build relationships and generate revenue. 

That being said, do not only limit yourself to Instagram. There are many other platforms out there, such as TikTok and Facebook, where you can use video content on. Just be sure that your audience is actually there before making a move—otherwise, you may end up uploading content to a non-existent audience.

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