Mighty Videos.
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Helping innovative brands transform their marketing with
disruptive video production campaigns.

A disruptive, strategically powered video production agency based in Manchester UK.

Brands without disruptive video content are sinking beneath the noise of the online world.

Mighty Hero takes video production to a whole new level.
We don’t just hand you a video file and let you hope for the best.

Placing the customer as the “hero” in your marketing, we empower your brand with insight led strategy, informing the right creative approach and helping you unleash transformational campaigns that create customers who love and promote your brand.   

We Start Meaningful Journey’s.

Nobody wants to be sold to these days. Most people would rather be informed, educated and entertained. We create powerful content for every stage of the customer journey, that makes your audience feel valued, inspired and influenced for change in their lives. 


We Build Powerful Relationships.

It’s not all about getting people into your shopping basket and that’s it. It’s about building a community and movement that elevates you above the competition. We create video strategies that delights your audience into thinking as your brand as a transformation, so they promote your brand and feed the wheel of momentum. 


We Grow With Our Clients.

If your video content doesn’t help you succeed, we don’t succeed. It’s that simple. That’s why we provide incredible attention to detail, bucket loads of value and support. No other video production company does it like we do, because it’s too much effort. You deserve better. So we give you better. You win. We win. Perfect. 


Not your run of the mill video production team.

When we were exclusively making music videos, brands what come to us for “something different” for their videos. The problem was, while the video production delivered the visual goods, the brands didn’t really know what to do with the video and wasted the opportunity.

So we took the creative DNA that people loved, and transformed it into a powerful video marketing service that not only delivered disruptive video content, but delivered well informed video strategies that make every video production a success.

This agency led approach to video production means you get the quality of the content you want, the volume you need to build and the plan to grow. The options are open and ever evolving in this fierce digital landscape. Let’s create magic, work together and show you how it’s done.


Meet Your Video Production & Marketing Team

We’re a big geeky family who like to step in and save the day. And we do it daily. Passionately. Successfully. For businesses like you. 

Oliver Price

Head of Video Strategy

Adam Barker

Head of Video Production

Chris Bardsley

Head of Social

Benjamin Goff


Adam Webster

VFX & Animation

Sophia White

Financial Director

Caroline Eardley

Director of PR

Colin Fussel


Let us help you explode.